Picture Framing Online: Things To Know

When you look deeper into a picture once clicked by you, you will understand that a frame alone can bring drastic changes to the otherwise simple photograph. Choose frames very selectively, as they hold the power to entirely transform an ordinary picture into something spectacular and out of the world. Picture framing online has changed the very definition of frames and photographs. Internet has made online shopping easy, simple and affordable. So, if you are looking for custom picture frames in the most competitive prices then you must scroll through the online websites filled with striking frames and related details.

Shopping is fun anytime, whatever you are looking for. Buying online photo frames has become a latest trend that youngsters like to follow in order to make their home look warm and gorgeous. Vibrant frames on walls and nooks and corners instantly lift up the moods of the people living there. So, what you have to do is look for online deals near your area and grab the most suitable offer. Though youngsters are the ones who are mostly attracted to the frames, people from all age groups can shop for frames to glam up their boring home dcor. The ones who are living away from home can get homesick and want to decorate a corner of their new house with customised photo frames, so for them here is some really great news!

Picture framing online websites are awesome to look for fabulous set of frames of all designs and shapes. In these online sites, you will find a huge collection with budget. Even you can customise a frame for yourself on for someone whom you want to gift one. With just a quick search, you will come to discover thousands and thousands online framing service providers who excels in selling a variety of stunning frames within budget range. If you want, you can also directly communicate with the reputable company’s framing designers to get customised packages.
When it comes to frames, you can choose larger ones or the smaller ones. The large frames are mostly needed for big family photographs. Suppose, the photograph that you have is above 18″ by 18″ then it is will be better to consider a larger frame. By going with a smaller frame, you will simply ruin the entire picture and thus the wall dcor. Now, when you have a smaller version of a picture then you can easily look for smaller frames that cost considerably lesser. A smaller picture doesn’t need a larger frame, so depending on the picture size, you must choose the frames.
If you are sceptical to rely on a particular custom picture frames online company then ask friends and family to recommend companies from where they have previously bought services. Or read the testimonials and review sections to get an idea of the company with which you are dealing.

Greyhound Racing Facts

At first sight it seemed incredible to me to have to explain why we are opposed to Greyhound racing. The wealth of information on my web site alone should be enough, I thought, to demonstrate to anyone, that it is the cause of a lot of suffering of gentle, loving Greyhounds. The trouble is, however, one always seems to take for granted that the other person knows and has experienced what the writer or speaker has experienced. Unfortunately, or perhaps in this case thankfully, this is not the case. If everyone had seen what I have seen in the Greyhound racing environment, then Greyhound racing could not survive. The weight of opposition would destroy it. What I want to do in this essay is try to show why we are so opposed to Greyhound racing.

As you browse the web site you will find poems and stories that are written by people who have had direct experience of the horrors caused by the racing industry. Poems like Eternal sleep. This is a graphic account of what happens to healthy, loving Greyhounds every day. Mel, the needle man is what happens at a racing track near where I live, no doubt it is the same at all tracks. Then there is the quintet of stories on the “Muses” page. Bridges Hitched Thirsty Bonfire Genocide These five muses were written by a man who used to be a racing enthusiast. He visited our home and spoke to my wife and I about the atrocities he had seen on the tracks. He swore never to take part in anything like it ever again and as far as I am aware he never has. There are well over one hundred poems on Greyhound Muses now. One or two of them are funny and are there to bring a little light relief from the majority of the rest, which are, quite frankly, downright depressing. That is not the reason they are there, to make you depressed, they are there to try to make you understand that if you place a bet on a Greyhound race you are condoning and even supporting by your financial involvement, what you read about on the website.

Sometimes people say, “but don’t the dogs love to run?” Well maybe they do love to run but they don’t know what they are a part of do they? It’s like a baby or small child who loves to do something that you as an adult can see is clearly dangerous for the child. The race tracks in the UK, and as far as I am aware in the USA also, are oval in shape. There is no beginning and no end, the dogs go round and end up back where they started. A Greyhound can achieve a speed of up to 45 mph and they have to turn with the contour of the track at this speed. This is where a lot of the injuries occur. They range from a broken toe to a broken leg. Once the injury has occurred it depends upon the owner what treatment, if any, the dogs receive. If the dog is not winning races and making money for the owner he may not get any kind of treatment and just be left in pain.

A “good” racer may continue for four or even five years, then what? A Greyhound tends to live longer than most other breeds of similar size and it’s not uncommon to expect them to live to 15 or 16 years. I personally have had several Greys who lived to this age, so when they “retire” from the track at 4 or 5 years old they have at least another 10 years of life, if they are allowed to live. Unfortunately, most are not allowed to live. At this point I could give you a host of details about what happens to these loving trusting dogs but that is not within the scope of this essay. There are poems and stories on the website that will provide this kind of information so there is no need to repeat it here. Instead, I will refer you to poems like, The sport of death. A Greyhound’s last words. Born a Greyhound.

Okay, what is the scale of the problem? About 30,000 Greyhound puppies are born every year to replace the racing stock in the UK. I’m not sure what the numbers are in the USA but they must be relatively comparable. Of those 30,000 probably 10,000 make it to the racetracks in England and Ireland. What happens to the rest? Many are “put down” as puppies because it soon becomes clear that they will never achieve the standards required. Others who are perhaps considered not good enough to race in the UK but who are not too bad may end up going to Spain. These are perhaps the unluckiest of all. Now, if 10,000 enter the racing circuit each year, 10,000 must leave it. What happens to them? I think we have arrived back at the end of the last paragraph.

In a vain attempt to defend Greyhound racing, I have heard people say, “well, if there was no racing those dogs would never be born.” You bet they wouldn’t. It’s better not to be born at all than to be born into a life of suffering isn’t it? It’s like saying if everyone was vegetarian the cows and pigs and sheep would not be born. If you were an animal waiting to be born into the food chain and you were given the choice of whether to be born or not, what would you choose? I used to work at the UK Vegetarian Society and I have seen video footage of intensive farming methods and what happens in slaughterhouses, believe me, it’s better not to be born. Greyhounds are becoming very popular as pets so very many would still be born, but they would be loved and cared for, as is their right.

With further evolution of the race of man, Greyhound racing in its present form will cease to exist. There may still be those who allow their dogs to enjoy a run with others in a spirit of friendly rivalry, on safe straight-line tracks with good ground surfaces, but the root of the problem, money, will have no part in the new enlightened way. Any injuries will be rare and obtain immediate veterinary treatment, and the Greyhounds will be adored pets who live with their human companions in their house. The present barbaric practices within this industry will be looked upon as dog fighting and other cruel sports are viewed today. Unfortunately, this ideal is a long way off. Before it comes about many more thousands, even millions of beautiful Greyhounds will suffer and die before their life should have been over. So what can you do to help these beautiful dogs and bring about the change that is inevitable though slow to come about.

The first and most obvious thing is never to support the racing industry by going to a race or betting money on a Greyhound race at a bookmakers. If no one placed bets with bookmakers this cruel practice would soon fade out. Secondly, tell everyone you know what you have found out through this website and others, about the suffering and death caused by Greyhound racing. Tell them to visit this website and read the stories and poems but please make sure that they understand that they are not “stories” in the sense that they are fiction. I wish they were but they are written accounts of the atrocities that are happening every day to beautiful living beings. The third thing that you can do is to adopt a Greyhound yourself. Until our ideal comes about there will always be thousands of Greyhounds needing homes. Please make your next pet a Greyhound and I promise you that you will never regret it. In fact within a very short time you will be going back to where you got your dog from to adopt another one. (How do you think we ended up with 11 at one time.) If you can think of other ways to help then please click the “Contact us” button on the web site and tell me about them. I will be pleased to add anything useful.

Decline of the Greyhound Racing Industry

The greyhound racing industry is in severe decline as the public become aware of the cruelty and death that is an inherent part of it but which has been kept well hidden for decades. As attendances at races fall off and stadiums close down due to financial pressures, the industry is desperately doing all it can to attract new punters. They are advertising in the media and offering all kinds of temptations like free drinks and free race cards, even free meals. They are targeting businesses to get them to have their office parties at a night at the dogs. Stag nights, hen nights, all are valid targets for them. They are also claiming that they have cleaned up their act and the atrocities that have been brought into the open in recent times by the media are not now a part of their business.

Please don’t believe any of their claims; the dogs are still suffering and dying just as they always have. How could it be otherwise? What are they going to do with the thousands of greyhounds that reach the end of their racing career every year? They will tell you that all the dogs go to good homes and live happily ever after but where are all these homes coming from? Anyone who has ever tried to get any animal into a sanctuary will know that they are always full with long waiting lists. They can’t find homes for the dogs they already have without the addition of thousands of ex-racing greyhounds needing homes.

The industry will also try to refute our claims that greyhounds are suffering on a massive scale by telling you that they look after their dogs well because it’s in their interest to do so; they want their dog to be fit and healthy so that it will be able to win races. Well at least they are admitting here that their concern is of a commercial nature, but they avoid the point that we are making entirely by saying this. We are not claiming that they don’t give their dogs adequate care whilst they are in the racing kennels; what we are trying to bring to public attention is what happens to the dogs when they leave the relative safety of those kennels, when they are no longer able to race to provide money for their owners because of age or injury; when they are no longer a viable asset to the business.

We have not yet even mentioned the worst, most disgusting part of this whole issue. The vast over breeding of greyhound puppies mainly in Ireland to supply the relatively small number of dogs required by the racing industry each year. It is estimated that 30000 to 40000 puppies are produced every single year to replace the 4000 or so that leave the tracks and go to an unknown fate. What happens to the surplus? Many won’t have the chase instinct and be killed at a few weeks old. Others will chase but don’t make the required standard and they too will be “disposed of”. Some will be sent off to Spain and other countries that have minimal or no animal welfare standards. At the end of all this sifting out will be left the 4000 that end up on the tracks in England and Ireland, until they too cease to be profitable for their greedy owners, and so the cycle continues.

Every Saturday evening many of us stand outside greyhound racing stadiums handing out leaflets to the punters going through the gates. The leaflets tell them all about how greyhounds are dying to entertain them. We hope that these people will read the leaflets, maybe the next day, and decide never to support this vile industry again. At the end of the evening we find some of our leaflets torn up and thrown on the ground but these are only a small fraction of all that we have given out. We have had people turn their car around and come back out after reading our information, vowing never to go to a greyhound race again. We have even had people donate money to our cause. We have also had abuse from the hard cases; the ones with no feeling or care for anything only money. We will never get through to these people because they are devoid of an element in their soul, something called compassion.

We will continue to stand in all kinds of weather outside the gates of the racing stadiums until greyhound racing ceases to exist in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We will also support our American friends who are having many successes in getting greyhound racing abolished there too, there are now only 12 states in USA that have live greyhound racing, and the worst by far of these is Florida. Please never support Florida by going there for a holiday. Will you also support us here in England by telling all your friends and colleagues never to support greyhound racing by having a night at the dogs. .

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